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Week 1 // Write a Letter

Did you know that January 23rd is National Handwriting Day?? Well it is, so get out that pen and paper and write somebody an old fashioned letter!

I am making jewelry from handwriting nearly everyday, so this quirky holiday seemed like a good time to start my little project for the new year - which is a personal, weekly experiment that I'm calling the Sentimental Challenge.

My jewelry is all about making meaningful connections with the people we love in a big, special way. So this challenge is about doing that in little ways, on a more regular basis.

Every week I'm going to share a sentimental idea, something small and not too inconvenient to do that week. It will be things that we used to do all the time - like calling instead of texting, or sentimental holidays we don't always hear about.

So in honor of National Handwriting Day this weekend, my first Sentimental Challenge is to write someone you love a simple handwritten letter. We all love getting real mail that isn't bills, but hardly anyone sends each other snail mail anymore.

Make yourself a cup of tea, put on some peaceful tunes, and write to someone you love.

Lots of Love,


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