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Week 3 // Thank a Mailman Day

February 4th is Thank A Mailman Day!! Who knew, right?!

So for this week's sentimental challenge, I propose we do just that. Thank our mailman. 

I think sometimes we forget that there's a person behind all that mail that comes our way. It just magically appears on our doorstep and we don't really have to think about how it got there. 

But on February 4th we need to take a small, little moment and show a little gratitude for the people behind that magic trick. 

So write a thank you note, give them candy, bake them cookies, or if you can catch them coming and going, just say 'Thank you'!

Personally, I'll be writing my Thank You... cause handwriting is the most sentimental of all, if you ask me!

Happy Thank a Mailman Day, lovies!

Lots of Love,


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