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Week 4 // Say "I Love You"

That ooey gooey holiday that everyone either loves to celebrate or loves to hate is this weekend, it's time for good ol' Valentine's Day!

So of course I had to dedicate this week's sentimental challenge to love and February 14th. 

The focus is usually on couples and romantic love, so my challenge for the holiday is to say "I Love You" to the people you aren't romantically linked up with. 

Your mom, dad, family, best friends, coworkers, neighbors... all the people you love who may or may not hear it enough (cause you can never hear "I Love You" too many times). 

Send them a text or give them a call.

Write them a note or get nostalgic and buy some paper valentines at the grocery store. 

Just say it to everyone you see.

Make it a day to celebrate all LOVE, not just romance.

Happy Valentine's Day, lovies!

Lots of Love,


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