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Week 5 // Send your oldest, dearest bestie a letter

You may have caught on by now that I LOVE handwriting. After making so many happy pieces of handwriting jewelry for people and seeing the emotional connection it has to our loved ones, I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it.

So this week's sentimental challenge is an oldie but a goodie.

With the internet taking over our lives (or at least it feels that way), nobody handwrites letters anymore. But this week's different, okay?

Since I know a blank piece of paper can be a little daunting, here's some inspiration to help get you started.

Write to your oldest, dearest, bestest friend. That one who knows all of your dirty little secrets, all of your annoying flaws, and would still walk through fire for you.

Tell her how much you love her, why she's such a crazy important part of your life.

Reminisce about old memories and your favorite times together. 

Share a dream or two, something you hope you can share with her someday (like a beach trip to Fiji with no cares in the world).

The point is just to connect in a way we don't do too often. To make her smile, to make her day. A handwritten letter is a surprise gift when she gets home one day.

Go snag the comfiest spot in your favorite coffeehouse and write away!

Lots of Love,


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