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Handwriting Circle Necklace

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Say hello to the ultimate "family" necklace! There are four different "Love" writings in this necklace - my own, my mother's, my father's, and my little brother's. I've woven all four into a seamless handwritten circle, and now I can have my entire family with me all the time, wherever I go. Although my mom sure has her eye on this necklace, if she has her way it'll be hers pretty soon!


  • 100% sterling silver, including chain & clasp.
  • Minimum 12 letters, maximum 24 letters.
  • Measures about 1.5” in diameter.
  • Hangs on 18” chain.
  • Handwriting Jewelry FAQ.


    1. You place your order.
    2. I create a preview design.
    3. You approve the design.
    4. I make your jewelry!
    5. It ships within 3 weeks.

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