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Rush Fee

  • $ 50

Being handmade and one of a kind, each piece I make takes 3 weeks or less to design, make, and ship. Sometimes I will finish and ship your piece unexpectedly early, but that's very dependent on my schedule, how many orders I have, the time of year, and other variables. 

If you'd like to guarantee that your piece will be ready earlier than the standard 3 week turnaround, you'll need to also purchase a rush fee. 

This rush fee guarantees a shipment date, not an arrival date. Your piece will be guaranteed to ship within 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days (this includes weekends, but not major holidays) of the date of purchase.

Be sure to carefully select a shipment option at checkout. Standard USPS Priority takes 1-3 days but is not guaranteed, while USPS Express is a guaranteed 1-2 days. Your order will ship from zip code 14607, you can use this USPS map to get an estimate of how long shipping will take.

If you have questions about which rush fee is right for you, you can always email me before purchasing to talk details. 


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